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For over 160 years, Troemner has set the standard for precision weights by using the finest materials and committing to achieving the highest measurement capability and offering the lowest measurement uncertainties possible. Precision weights manufactured from Troemner’s new Alloy 8 Stainless Steel which offers a lifetime guarantee that the weights will maintain extremely low magnetic properties, consistent density and high resistance to corrosion. Today Troemner leverages its expertise and commitment to offer Calibration Services that meet all of your measurement and compliance needs.
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Troemner Alloy 8 Stainless Steel Precision Weights
Troemner Alloy 8 Stainless Steel OIML Precision Weights
Troemner Stainless Steel Electronic Balance Calibration Weights
Troemner Stainless Steel Heavy Capacity Weights
Troemner Stainless Steel Test Weights
Troemner Cast Iron Grip Handle Weights
Troemner Cast Iron Slotted Weights
Troemner Stainless Steel Slotted Weights
Troemner Stainless Steel Hook Weights
Troemner Brass Weights

Need a certificate with your Troemner weight? Please look over the following information to determine what certificate you need.

Troemner Certificate Matrix -- See which cert you need
NVLAP Weight Calibration Certificate NVLAP Weight Calibration Certificate is a detailed, multi-page weight certificate designed to meet all of your ISO (including ISO/IEC 17025), FDA, GMP, GLP, DOD, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, and nuclear requirements. The NIST-administered National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Lab Code 105013-0) approves all procedures for this detailed weight certificate. The measurement process follows the recommendations of NIST Handbook 145.
Traceable Weight Certificate Traceable Weight Certificate - designed for those laboratories and companies that require traceability, but do not need to meet any stringent regulatory requirements. In contrast to NVLAP or UKAS calibration procedures, the Traceable Weight Certificate measurement process is based on a single standard and utilizes one series of comparisons.
Statement of Accuracy New weights and weight sets supplied without weight certificates come with Troemner's Statement of Accuracy which provides the nominal value, type of weight, material / density and weight class. Note: There is no NIST traceability supplied with this statement. The Statement of Accuracy is not suitable for quality or regulatory requirements. Troemner's Statement of Accuracy is only available with the purchase of new weights. Troemner's Brass Weights are not supplied with a Statement of Accuracy.

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