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Low Cost Tournament Fish Weigh-In Scale

Sportsman fishing scale

Low Profile Economy Platform Scale

Sportsman scales are particularly suited to fishing tournament weigh-in applications as well as general purpose weighing. These are very affordable non trade scales with accurate weights up to 400 lbs. The dual power modes (battery and AC adapter) enable portability or permanent installation (both included). A large, simple to read display can be wall or stand mounted for easy visibility and the large keyboard switches work with gloved hands (wall and desk bracket included).

A durable low profile platform allows for easy weighing. The Sportsman Series is a low cost yet versatile and portable scale. Not washdown safe. Not NTEP legal for trade

Capacities Available: 50, 100, 150 or 400 lb
Platform: 15" L x 12" W x 1" H


sl3700 fishing scales



SL-3700 Fishing Tournament System

The SL-3700 Tournament Fishing scale is available to local fishing clubs, tournaments, fishing charter boat operators, and sportsmen. The scale is factory calibrated to display weights up to 50 lbs. in 0.01 lb increments. The internal rechargeable battery means that you can take this scale right to the dock. The scale can run for hours of continuous use before a recharge is needed, and you can even use the scale while it is being recharged. The scale platter size is a generous 10" x 10" size to accommodate clothes baskets, buckets, totes, or any other weighing container.



weigh master scale


WeighMaster Tournament Scale

Featuring a high quality Stainless Steel Indicator the Weigh Master Series offers 7 models from 60 lb to 1000 lb to choose from. Each model has a welded steel tubular base for maximum reliability and a stainless platter with sizes ranging from 12" to 26". All Models include a painted column, wall mount, and table mount to fit all applications that you might need. The weight lock function allows you to obtain accurate weight readings every time.






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