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Finding a way to get your products manufactured and packaged efficiently takes a solid effort from all levels of production to distribution. Streamlining material handling and packaging processes can reduce lead times, making your operation a top competitor in the supply chain industry. We have the products and solutions to increase your operating speed and help drive your products to market quicker. With automated filling solutions, in-motion scales, checkweighers, floor scales, and other advanced systems, our products can reduce production time and enhance product quality. Optimizing inventory management is easily done with Rice Lake’s Tracer® solutions. From indicators to printers, our goal is to help you take control of your material handling and packaging process and become more efficient.


U shape pallet weigh scale



The Pallet Jack Scale is designed and built for strength, accuracy, and durability. The tubular steel construction and load cell configuration makes this scale able to withstand heavy end loading and years of heavy, hard industrial use.

It fits all small and large pallets, and all standard pallet jack trucks. It can be easily moved to different locations, and the leveling foot assembly guarantees accuracy and repeatability. Complete with digital indicator. Power source: 110 VAC 60 Hz.




L300-12A bumper guard for platform floor scale




The bumper guard will protect your platform scales from damage from forklifts, trucks, etc. Made of heavy steel, it is built to withstand the most rugged environments. Available in various sizes for protecting floor scales.





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