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Digital Piece Counting Scale in capacities from 1 lb to 200 lbs!

An accurate counting scale can make a huge difference in a business making money. Below are some benefits to consider about owning a parts counting scale. First you can help out your labor force or maybe even reduce it. Counting parts and sorting through boxes by hand requires manual labor. A counting scale can reduce labor time and with the addition of barcode scanning and labeling, the total time of your transaction is reduced as well. Material Saving can also be obtained. Shipping too many or too few parts can mean losing money or losing a customer who complains about being shorted. Of course Inventory Accuracy is another reason. Cycle counting improves inventory accuracy, which can result in increased productivity and profitability. Customer Service also improves when you have accurate inventory since having the right parts at the right time is essential for excellent customer service.

An accurate counting scale can be used in various part of a business. Below are a handfull of places you can use a counting scale. Receiving Department, accurately verify the count of received goods that come in from your purchase orders. The Stockroom is another place to consider since a scale should virtually eliminate overages to the production floor and keep items in the stockroom until they are needed. Next is the Production Department since a precise count of goods sent to production floor keeps the assembly line moving and on schedule. Quality Control could certainly use fast cycle counting and package-count checks which keep the business profitable and customers happy. Finally, the Shipping Department could use a parts counter since you don't want to over-ship products. One of these parts counters can help find extra parts and assemblies before the customer does. Contact us today for a review and recommendation of the counting scale that will work best for your needs.

A&D FC Counting Scale

A&D FCi Series Counting Scales


1/1 million internal resolution for FC-i models
Standard RS-232C (2nd & 3rd optional)
500 sets memory with alphanumeric product names/codes
4-line display for easy operator viewing
Rechargeable battery option
Remote Scale Option
Equipped with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) for enhanced counting performance.


Available Models


FC-10Ki 20 lb x .002 lb (10kg x 1g)
FC-20Ki 50 lb x .005 lb (20kg x 2g)
FC-5000i 10 lb x .001 lb (5kg x .2g)
FC-5000Si 10 lb x .0005 lb (5kg x .2g)
FC-500Si 1 lb x .00005 lb (500g x .02g)
FC-50Ki 100 lb x .01 lb (50kg x 5g)




salter brecknell b140 coin counting scale






The Brecknell Scales B140 is an advanced, higher accuracy coin counting scale with increments for good resolution on counted coins. The 30 kg/60 lb capacity functions either as a parts counting or coin counter. The B140 scale operates on 110VAC power supply and/or rechargeable battery.





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