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The Pallet Truck Scales we carry have been designed for use in rugged areas such as shipping docks, warehouses, and piecework production lines. Using one of our pallet jack scales during routine handling operations allows for time savings over moving materials to a central scale and then to a final destination.

Custom pallet truck scale


Intercomp Pallet Truck Scale

Platform Scales that are 48" x 48" are wonderful and very handy in a warehouse but sometimes you need to get a weight of a pallet now and not drive down the aisle until you find a floor scale. That's where the Intercomp PW800 pallet jack scale fits into your warehouse routine.

By adding a PW800 to your warehouse, now it's easy to check pallet weights anywhere in your plant, without hauling loads to a stationary platform scale. The Intercomp PW800™ Pallet Truck Scale offers you another cost-effective solution to weigh on the go! The PW-800 is the preferred choice in industrial companies for Pallet Truck Scales because it integrates load cells within the existing forks. These load cells offer the industry’s highest standard capacity at 5,000 x 1 lb


Aatlas Kwik Weigh



Aatlas Kwik-Weigh KW-1

The Aatlas Kwik-Weigh KW-1 electronic pallet truck scale features a floating platform (ball and cup suspension) with back lighting when weigh is applied to forks. It also featues, LB/KG toggle switch, center of zero indicator, automatic zero tracking, push button zero, push button tare with net/gross indication, RS 232 serial port (Bidirectional) and low battery indicator. The truck itself features: 2.9" lowered for height, sealed ball bearings throughout, bearings at all pivots can be lubricated easily, hard chrome plated ram and piston, urethane seals and wipers, ball thrust steering and foot release. Also the high quality leak proof pump assures maintenance free service.

Capacity: 4500 x 1 lb






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