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Replacement Strain Gauge Load Cells are in stock and ready for fast shipment to you when you need them. We have a wide range of brand name load cells for your weighing needs. If you need a particular model number or capacity give us a call or contact us and there is a strong possibility that we can either supply you the exact load cell you need or we can provide you with an interchangelable version that is nearly identical. Some of the brands of transducers that we stock include Rice Lake, Cardinal, Sensortronics, Celtron, Artech, HBM, Revere Transducers, Transcell Technology, Tedea Huntleigh, and Brecknell (Zemic). We also provide weighing assemblies used in tank weighing and batching systems and bulk weighing applications.


Styles of Load Cells Available

S-Beam Load Cell
These load cells get their name from their "s" shape. S-Type cells provide an output under tension pull. Applications for S Beams include hanging, tank level, hoppers and truck scales.

Shear Beam Load Cell
These are also sometimes refered to as single end beam or double end beam. Used in tank weighing and industrial process control. Bending Beam feature low profile construction for integration. Single or double end beam available

Single Point Load Cell
These types of load cells are often utilized in commercial and industrial weighing systems for small to mid size bench platforms

Canister Load Cell
Canister cells are commonly used for single and multi-weighing applications







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