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Anytime you or I are looking for electronics we always know who makes the best fill in the blank brand. For cars it might be a certain brand like Ford or Honda for example. If you're looking at stainless steel scales that allow you to enter a target weight and then upper tolerances and lower tolerances, then you probably need to look at the Doran Scales 2200CW checkweigher. Doran is well known in the scale industry for their high quality stainless steel washdown scales. In fact, it's the product that they built their business with. The flagship checkweigher for Doran is the 2200CW. If you're looking to set a target weight or target range of acceptable weights and push rejected boxes or items to the side then please contact us for additional information or a price quote for this check weighing scale from Doran Scales.

Doran 2200CW check weigher scale

Store, recall, and weigh with the 2200CW built-in database! This internal database will store up to 250 Checkweigh Tolerances, Tare Weights, Accumulation and Counter totals, and six-digit Product IDs. Recalling a product from the database is as simple as pressing the PROD button and entering the product ID. Adding new products or maintaining existing products is quickly accomplished through the keypad or through the optional CheckWay software.

The data is password-protected to ensure that your products are checkweighed properly every time. Handwritten production records to track weighments or accumulated weight are a thing of the past with the 2200CW Digital Weight Indicator. The counter memory stores the number of weighments. Recalling the accumulated weight at the end of a pallet load of product or at the end of the shift is as simple as pushing a button.

Connect with any device or computer using the two standard RS-232 ports, or with the optional Wired Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Modbus/TCP, USB, 4-20mA, RS-485, or Fiber Optic. Communicate with flexible and user-definable data strings to include standard scale information, product ID, and product description. This allows for an easy interface with barcode printers, data collection systems, or other remote devices.


22002CW ............ 2 x .0005 lbs
22005CW ............ 5 x .001 lbs
22010CW ............ 10 x .002 lbs
22025CW ............ 25 x .005 lbs
22050CW ............ 50 x .01 lbs

22050CW/12 ........ 50 x .01 lbs
22100CW/12 ....... 100 x .02 lbs

22050CW/15 ...... 50 x .01 lbs
22100CW/15 ...... 100 x .02 lbs
22200CW/15 ...... 200 x .05 lbs





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