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  Sales Calibration Rentals

Airline Baggage Scales

GSE ABS 4100 & Penn Model 64


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Bench Scales

A & D
A & D SK-WP Titan Waterproof    
B-Tek Stainless Platform  
Cardinal - Detecto
Cardinal EB-60 / EB-150 Stainless Steel Washdown Bench Scales Cardinal Nautilus - Waterproof Bench Scales
Detecto AS-330D Computer Interface Scale Detecto AP Portion Detecto PS 6
Cardinal EB 15/ EB 30 Bench Scale Detecto 47100 Dial Mini Hugger
BW CAS SW Bench Scale
CAS RP200C    
CCi 220 NTEP  
Digi DS 160 DS 520 Bench Scale
Digi Mini Bench Scale Digi DS 425 Precision Digi Ultra Grand
Digi Mini Grand Digi bench scale w/ indicator  
Doran PC 400 Portion Contol MVP
Doran 7000 Doran APS 7000 Doran APS 7000 XL
Doran 7000 XL Doran APS 8000 XL Rechargable Battery Scale Doran 8000 XL
Bar Inventory Kilotech KBI & Bar Scale 64 fluid oz.  
GSE 4400 4500
Mini-Pro GSE Floating Beam 4503
X Frame    
Intercomp CW 250 Portable  
Ishida MG 3000 IGX IGB
Mettler Toledo
Ohaus ES Series Ohaus Navigator NTEP
Ohaus Champ II Ohaus CQ Washdown  

Ohaus FD

Ohaus Ranger

Rice Lake
Rice Lake IQ 2100 Rice Lake Benchmark
RL 1100 Portable Mechanical    
NCI 7820 R  
Salter Brecknell
Salter SSB 3500 Salter PS 150 400




Transcell PC 150 Transcell SRP-300
Transcell SP 60 or 100    
UWE FM UWE Model PS & FS spraydown
UWE LM Large Cap. & Platform UWE APM NTEP Approved  


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Check Weighing Scales

Digi DS-425 Doran 4200 Check Weighing Scale Doran 4300 Checkweigher
Ishida MG 3000 RLWS CW-80 Doran 4100 XL
GSE 351 Checkweigher Doran APS 4300 Salter C 3255
Digi DS 470SS   Salter C 3225 (Small)
Neptune 5500   Neptune 6500


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Clinical & Medical Scales

Detecto 442 Wrestling Legal for Trade Certifier Detecto 8440 Baby Scale Detecto 6495 Wheelchair Scale
Detecto 6868 Chair Scale B-Tek Kidney Dialysis Scale Seca 882W Digital Scale
Seca 786 Mechanical Dial Scale Seca 770 Digital Floor Scale AmCells DRS & WWS Digital Doctors Scale
Seca 700 Mechanical Beam Scale Detecto 450 Mech. Baby Scale Detecto 495 Wheelchair Scale
Detecto 6730 Baby Scale Detecto 8432 Baby scale Detecto Roll A Weigh
Detecto 8435 Baby Scale Detecto 8450 Baby Scale Detecto Dialysis Scale Base
Phoenix Body Fat Am Cells TBS Detecto 788 Dialysis Indicator
Salter Handrail MS 300    


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Counting Scales

Digi DC 180 Digi DC 190 Digi DC 200 & 300
DC 688 GSE 675  
Salter 610 Low Cost Transcell DCSG Ohaus Ranger
Salter B 220 & B 225 UWE OAC UWE SAC Triple Range
A & D FCi Setra Super II AND FC 20 K
DC 100 B-Tek Bullseye Pennsylvania 7500
TC-2010 CS Penn 7600
EC 2240 Penn Basis
  S 650  


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Coin Counting Scales

Digi DMC 688
DMC 290


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Explosion Area Scales

  GSE 350 IS & 355 IS IQ 700 IS
RLWS 320 IS   Sartorius FC


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Fishing Tournament Weigh-In Scales

  CAS SW 50 lb Bench Scale  


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Hanging & Crane Scales

Cardinal Detecto HSDC Hanging Scale CAS CASTON II  
Intercomp CS 200 Intercomp CS 1500 Intercomp CS 3000
Intercomp CS 750 CS 5000  
200 BW Economy "S" Hanging   Detecto LT-P
Intercomp TL 6000 Salter 235-10X NTEP Detecto LT-F


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Digital Weight Indicators

B-Tek BT 84 & BT84XL  
Cardinal 204 DWI Cardinal 205 Meter Cardinal 210
Digi 120 Digital Indicator Digi DI 28
GSE 250 GSE 350 355 w/ keypad
460 465 560 & 562
GSE 660 Series  


Rice Lake IQ 310 Rice Lake IQ 355 Rice Lake IQ 390 DC
420 Readout   RLWS 520 panel
Rice Lake IQ 590-DC Rice Lake IQ 710 920i
TI-500SL TI500E SS
TI-1600 & 1620 TI 2100 2200

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Floor Scales

B-Tek Colt & 4 Square & Workhorse
Rice Lake Weighing Systems
FXB flexure lever
Salter Brecknell

    CW500 Cargo



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Laboratory Balances

Organized by Readability  
Voyager PRO precision
Explorer PRO analytical
Explorer PRO precision & high capacity
Adventurer analytical
Adventurer top loading




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Livestock and Agriculture Scales

Rice Lake RoughDeck SLV Single Animal Livestock Scale Tobacco Baler

Cardinal LSE


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See Load Cells page

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Pallet Jack Scales

Aatlas Kwik Weigh CAS cps 2 Intercomp PW 800
  LTS NTEP Approved Pallet Truck  


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Pharmaceutical Scales

Cardinal Flip Top Floorhugger Floor Scale Rice Lake Stainless Steel Roughdeck Rice Lake QC "Quick Clean" Roughdeck Floor Scale
INSCALE Versadeck INSCALE St. Steel Utility Doran Guardian 9000
GSE 350 IS GSE 355 IS GSE 304 Stainless Steel Provex Super Low Profile  

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Price Computing Scales

CAS AP-1 CAS S-2000 CAS TP-1
Detecto PC-6 Ishida Nova II Ishida Scale Printer
Mettler Toledo 8433   Laundry Price computing scale
Tor-rey PC 40 L w/ Rechargeable Battery Mettler Toledo Tiger II  
  LP 1000 LP-II
RS-130 Detecto PC 10 20 30 8442 w/ printer
Cardinal DS    


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Remote Displays

Laser Light Laserlight M Cardinal SB 500 SB 250 Alpha numeric


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Shipping & Postal Scales

A & D PR Postal Rate Scale Detecto MS Postal & MSB & MS8 Digi Ultra Grand Portable Bench Scale
Doran Model 300   Mettler Toledo PS 60 & PS6L
Transcell SPC & SPS Mettler Toledo PS 90
NCI Scale Pages  

Why do I need a shipping scale?

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Truck Scales

Emery Winslow Series 80 - 10 - 20 - 40 - 90

Rice Lake EZ Steel Survivor

ATV Portable


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Weights for Calibration

Weight Kit


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Wheel Load & Wheel Weighers

Intercomp PT 300 & PT300DW CAS RW-P Large Capacity CAS RW-S & L
Intercomp PT 300 & DW Wheel Load Systems Cardinal 706 Axle INSCALE Wheel Weighers


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Veterinary Scales

Detecto VET 400 Detecto VET-50 HealthOMeter 2842kls
Salter Vet Deck
Seca 606

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